I could have just told you this by going downstairs…

Here we are second blog.
I laughed last night as I was talking with Jennifer and Shelby about this whole blog thing. They were the ones who encouraged me to start one. I thought what on earth do I have to blog about?


I guess in some IMG_4858senses it’s just like my daily experience, except I am actually typing out my thoughts instead of just walking
around talking to myself or the animals.


Working around the house and doing some refreshing, stripping, painting, cleaning and so much more to make this house what it should be, I catch myself often talking out loud. Then I will say to myself, out loud, “why are you talking to yourself”. I will turn on iheart radio – trying to find the music for my mood, then just end up settling for whatever because I just can’t find the mood. Then the singing starts, terribly off tone, crackly, scare the animals voice. I am grateful that there is no one around who can tell me to stop singing because it is just great to let it out and dance around. Yep, that’s what I do when no one is around. Reminds me of the Garth Brooks song “When There’s No One Around”.





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