conversations with my son…


Life gives us opportunities that are worth taking advantage of. Today my daughter-in-law asked if I wanted to go get my haircut with her. Since we have moved to this town almost a year ago we hadn’t established someone local to be “our girl”, but finally decided we needed to be sure to have that convenience instead of having to drive 2 hours to our old stylist.
While my son and I were waiting we had a wonderful opportunity to just talk. I love conversations with him because he is easy to talk with. It’s doesn’t even matter what we talk about, I am just grateful that I can sit and talk with him and we are not both glued to our devices. (in spite of what this picture might show!)

I have so many more chances to visit with him since he and Jennifer are living with us while they finish up their college degrees. I have also had the time to get to know Jennifer more and share some great topics with her on her breaks between school and work.

shelby and jenn jumping.jpg
Shelb and Jen

In most situations I would believe having adult kids living at home would be a challenge to say the least. Not with these two though. Yes, there are times I am sure we get on each others nerves…it never becomes an issue and we are surely not going to end up on the Dr. Phil show. These guys are above the norm, they both hold full~time jobs, go to school full~time, pay their own bills and debts, buy groceries, pay rent, and even cook dinner a couple times a week!

Perhaps I am bragging just a bit too much. Perhaps I don’t tell them enough how much I appreciate them. Perhaps you might get the impression I don’t have any other kids…just wait…I will bore you with some of the amazing things they are too.

So ~ if you have read all the way to this part,
here’s a little bonus for you!
They both have blogs of their own
and have some insightful things to say about gaming and “life”.
Go give ’em a follow!
Falcon Reviews – unprofessional opinions on games
Nerd Thoughts Blog
Woodelf Adventures





3 thoughts on “conversations with my son…

  1. This is beyond one of the nicest things I have ever read!!! You are an absolute wonderful mother-in-law and I cannot express how blessed I am to have you in my life! I love you so much! Thank you forever for giving us this opportunity to live with you so that we can get ahead in life… Hugs and kisses for eternity! ❤

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    1. always sweet girl! You bring me so much happiness! Thank you! you are AWESOME!
      I still….always will and forever know….YOU ARE THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO SHELBY….and one of the best things to ever happen to us!


  2. I just followed them, look forward to reading more. Have my own blog that is focused on being a father and husband, while being a avid gamer, so I can relate. I’m still a growing dad (3yr old daughter, married almost 5yrs), so it’ll be interesting to see how things progress as years go by! Amazing post, hit home for me!

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