Why have we become so gullible?


Simple Definition of gullible

  • : easily fooled or cheated; especially : quick to believe something that is not true

How many times have we seen a post saying we should share it so we will receive great fortunes or luck?


Recently someone in my friends list posted a link to Palin: “Justin Bieber Is My Hero Because He Understands That Rape Happens For A Reason” and when I suggested they check it out because it wasn’t anything she said, they told me – “well, it made me laugh”.

I always like to do a little fact checking before posting, or even re-posting anything. There are sites that you can visit and possibly debunk what is being spread.

Hoax SlayerFact CheckUrban MythsSnopes just to name a few. It’s easy enough to look it up before posting and possibly help bring an end to this incessant thread of untruth!

Another I just saw a few days ago was that Missouri: Babysitter on Crystal Meth Eats 3-Month-Old Toddler. I really had to believe this was not true….just the title alone left me questioning the validity. “3-month-old toddler”??? Yet, I was amazed how many comments there were about what a horrible thing to have happened! There were far more people believing it was true than any who said it wasn’t fact.

Of course, don’t get me going on the whole political mess. If you aren’t checking  your facts on that you are clearly not doing your duty as a citizen. It is up to us to know the facts. To learn about each candidate before making a decision. But again, it’s much easier to just believe what someone else has posted or written about what they have heard or seen and believe it to be exactly what is said.

No, it’s not only political statements –
how about those celebs?
Something said taken completely out of context?







I sure would love to see my facebook feed full of real things. Experiences my friends and family are having, good and bad. Pictures of their latest adventure. A post made to me on my page where they are just saying, thinking of you or how’s things going?

Perhaps I am the one using social media all wrong? I remember back in the old days when someone was passing around an urban legend – by actually saying it to another person – and we didn’t really have a way to check out validity like now. It just feels like back then it was something you brought up in a random conversation, ya know when you just can’t think of what else to talk about because you have been able to do a lot of talking to each other anyway.

I love having social media to connect with friends and family. I limit mine to people I actually know or are really related to. If it weren’t for social media, I am sure I wouldn’t have much of a clue of what has been going on with them. I do believe it has helped open a world that has been so distant for us.

Oh lets turn it around? Lets use social media to be social….find out what is happening with our friends, find out what they are feeling, tell them we are thinking of them or share a memory with them! BUT LET’S LEAVE THE DRAMA OUT OF IT. bwahahaha



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