I Just Wish For Truth!

DISAPPOINTMENT ~ noun dis·ap·point·ment \ˌdi-sə-ˈpȯint-mənt\

1:  unhappiness from the failure of something hoped for or expected to happendisappointed
2:  someone or something that fails to satisfy hopes or expectations

Life can be full of disappointment. I am going to address one thing that has become a huge disappointment for me recently. My son and his girlfriend told us a few months ago they were going to have a baby. Over these past few months we have heard so many different stories on the due date, doctor appointments, ultrasounds, and when we will know the sex of the baby. Personally, it’s not a huge deal what the sex is. My big concern is that the baby is being taken care of from the beginning.

She is due in late July – SUPPOSEDLY. I am not even sure she has had a prenatal visit yet! Of course this concerns me. But they assure me they are doing good things, eating right, taking vitamins, lots of water and so on. I truly hope so, because this son has a huge inability to even tell me the truth about little things.

I want to be excited about it…my first grandchild! I have already done a little shopping and thinking about this baby. However, I am sooooooo afraid of the disappointment that always surrounds anything with my son.

I have been told for the past month that they have an appointment for an ultrasound but every time the day comes that they are supposed to have an appointment something tends to change that. Hmmmmm the first week they had mistaken the actual date of appointment – OK that’s acceptable. The next week, it was similar, they  had to change the appointment or something like that. Now, we were supposed to know yesterday, I asked what time the appointment was and they said 1pm.

ohhhhhh getting my hopes up again! ????

Then what do you know – a text that says – the appointment today is just for blood work and stuff the actual ultrasound will be “tomorrow”


You don’t reply to my text. I know what that means!



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