Busy Day

Work around the house never ends…But when you are trying to restore, remodel, improve, enhance or bring back the beauty to the home it’s even more daunting.
Daily I have to decide whether to do the projects around the house or work on the cleaning… I try to achieve both, but as with anything in multi-tasking, there is going to be something that suffers!

Today was a day I decided to continue on the front doors. I’ve been stripping the old paint to try and get the cleanest new finish I can! There are two doors at the entry and they have been a deep green, red, orange, white and possibly an off white color! The bottoms of each door has been damaged so some repair work will need to be done… or perhaps those kick panels will do the trick!

So, that being my biggest task for the day, tomorrow will be interrupted by returning to have a 3rd windshield (in just one week) replaced! First because of a crack, possibly from a rock chip, second because they put the wrong one in, and now the third because the “right” one cracked again….after just sitting in the driveway, un-driven (except to get home that day)…I guess we will see how a new one goes!


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