goal met

Today I achieved the goal of 100 likes on my facebook crochet page. Even though it was only 100 it’s an achievement I am proud of.

Now to set a new goal! I know generating some sales or orders is high on the list! I am excited to see this progress, I really enjoy crocheting and love to see reactions when I am able to present the item to those who request them!  It’s really great to create something, I am typically creative and have been learning so much!

This is going to be a fun adventure and I am so thrilled to have you that are here in the beginning! Thanks for following me and inspiring me!

Great feeling!




Stitched it


Lukas eating shark.jpg
My sweet new grandson modeling a shark cocoon for me! He was completely willing! 😉

Crocheting is so relaxing for me and I love learning new stitches and patterns. I’ve created some pretty awesome things (said with all modesty).

The inspiration of so many pattern writers,  Articles Of A Domestic Goddess in particular, has really helped me to expand on my skills! Thank you Donna!

Recently I have worked on putting together more of a Facebook page dedicated to my creations and have begun the task of creating an etsy page.
UH, I have a bit more to go on that – some more research and photos, pricing, and detailed descriptions are in the works! Fortunately I may be able to enlist my son and daughter-in-law who happen to be some pretty great writers!
My awesome son’s gaming review blog
Daughter-in-law of a lifetime’s blog!

Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed by the shark up above, I have a new grandson!
Yes, I am a grandma…but certainly not in my actions! And some say I don’t look old enough for that! lol

Anyway, now that I have plugged some of my faves,
I think I will share what I have been working on!

Pumpkin hat and diaper cover.jpg
fall is coming – pumpkin stuff everywhere!  
Mermaid tail.jpg
Mermaid Tail
circle jacket child.jpg
Toddler sweater
high top slippers.jpg
hi-top sneaker slippers



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