Printers…..what a rip off!

Printers…am I right?

Image result for canon pixma 5220

I have a canon printer that I purchase a couple years ago…

I have had it boxed up because I had been using the HP printer that was already installed on my computer and the canon was something I bought because it worked with my cake decorating stuff –

Well, I decided to make it a main printer because my kids were wanting to print and thought it would be easier if they could do it wirelessly and the HP printer I had was “pre wireless”. I knew I had a wireless one and thought it would be an easy swap out…


but I needed new ink cartridges!

Image result for canon ink 225

So…off to the store to gather the ones I needed, this model takes FIVE!!!!!!!!!! I CAN BUY A BRAND NEW PRINTER FOR THAT PRICE!!!!

I am so frustrated. A printer that I am still unable to use because it sat too long and the print head is clogged – OHHH another $90 if I want to replace that!

So, $90 plus each replacement of ink if needed is at least $15 (x5 right!?) and BAM…i can have a super awesome new printer….

Canon - PIXMA MX492 Wireless All-In-One Printer - White - Front Zoom

check this out…only $44.99 right now at Best Buy





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