Going Keto

Recently we have embarked on a journey of trying a “ketogenic diet”.

My husband came home one day and was telling me about one of the guys who works for him was doing a extreme egg diet where he was eating nothing but eggs for 2 weeks and had lost like 20 lbs.

I thought he was crazy!!! I am not a huge fan of eggs but do enjoy them from time to time.

I am always skeptical of quick weight loss and anything that touts easy weight loss….but… and there’s plenty to get rid of …. I thought we would look into this since we have both been complaining about how we needed to do something!

Hubby and I started looking into the Ketogenic Diet. We looked into diets and weight loss but never too seriously. After doing a little bit of research we thought we would give it a try.
Mostly cutting carbs or eliminating completely in our case….and there seemed to be some good recipes/ideas.

Our new adventure was not too bad at first. We ate eggs – boiled, scrambled, and fried…. and then there was BACON! What!? a diet that included bacon? OK!!!!

We are now in about week 4 of this goal – each of us have lost nearly 20lbs and feeling great! I’m not gonna lie… there were challenges to overcome. Keto diets can contribute to dehydration – if you decide to try this be sure to get an electrolyte supplement to avoid KETO FLU. There are many options out there and to me the biggest key is making sure they don’t have hidden sugars/carbs. There are powdered options and homemade recipes available. Our choice at the time was Sqwincher Zero, which come in a variety of flavors. I do recommend doing research to find what works best for you!

I’ve been experimenting with recipes and ideas on pinterest and am still trying to balance it. My favorite so far is Keto Mousse, it’s almost like cheating!

I am so excited about the results and finally feel as if there is something that doesn’t require going to extremes (mostly). I miss bread but am currently working on trying recipes for that too. Today I tried making “keto tortillas”, the recipe I used seemed like a fail and will not try that again but we found a “low carb” alternative so even when we want taco night we can splurge!

Please feel free to like, follow, comment or whatever…. I want to continue to share this journey…. I am excited about the results so far and plan to share actual pics of how we are doing.



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