Lake time with grandpa!

Just back from a week long vacation. We spent our time at our family’s lake house, while it would typically be relaxing and peaceful it was also work time.

Our goal was to stay on track with our diet changes, but since we had done so well over the past few weeks, we felt it was OK to splurge a little knowing that it could result in a little increase on the scale. I was a bit more “splurgey” than Joe – he tends to get seriously serious when he sets his mind to it! He did enjoy pizza night though. We stayed pretty focused ordering a thin crust and tried not to over do that. A couple pieces and a trip to the salad bar, avoiding things we knew had those sneaky sugars and carbs!

I feel as if it wasn’t a set back at all. In my opinion, if you have a little set back or splurge it doesn’t mean all is lost!

Just continue on with the plan and it’s OK! It seems so often it’s easy to think that since you already cheated or splurged that you have to “start all over” – I feel that if you do have a “treat” then you shouldn’t say…oh, I’ll just start over tomorrow…it’s much easier to get back on task right away than to put it off, I’ve always heard tomorrow never comes. Try not to focus on what you just ate…that is done, you can’t change it…it’s already passed. Go right back to the plan you set and forget about it!

Depriving yourself isn’t helpful either…if you really want some ice cream you are not going to be satisfied with a celery stick! I am by NO means saying have an ice cream whenever you feel the want, I think it would be better to have a small amount of ice cream than to feel the feeling of frustration and focus on NOT having it. Do not over indulge though, have a small portion or look for a healthy (low carb) option. Read the labels. Look for hidden sugars and carbs. I personally haven’t tried any of the low carb alternatives. I haven’t found one that really appealed to me enough. Our options are quite limited considering where we live and I am still learning. Please share with me if you have tried any and perhaps how you felt about it.

We have been back for about 4 days now and are back in the swing of things. I have lost the couple lbs I gained back and even another to boot! It’s been kinda fun finding new ways to eat old favorites too! I’ve always enjoyed bread but last night we tried lettuce wraps… Chicken salad (chopped up rotisserie chicken, celery, onions, salt & pepper, and a little mayo) with some clementine tomatoes wrapped nicely in a leafy lettuce… MMMMMMMM MMMM it was very tasty and I really liked the crunch of the lettuce. For our special dessert/sweets we had strawberry mousse(ish).

Working on the proper balance of fats and proteins I would say is the biggest challenge but I think we may be doing alright…it’s all a work in progress and even at that it’s working!!! So don’t be afraid to at least try!