Time to mow the lawn

It’s a beautiful day today. The wind could be a little less aggressive, but overall it’s great!


It was time to do the first mowing of the season so,
I was off to fill up the gas can and get on it!


Shorts and a tank top….I was going to enjoy every moment of the warmth. I believe it was 71°! Got the iheart radio going, wireless ear buds and grab the mower.

Pull that cord about 55 times and finally it was running! yes, yes, yes! We are going.

Pushed that bad boy all around the back yard ~ just a small section left! I had been watching for unknowns in the yard, large twigs, dog toys, anything that the mower would likely have an issue with and right there in front was a piece of paper….looking a bit like money…picked it up and it was $10!!!


So, YAY me! 25eef0a6d98ba31c26fe9ce79e23ff0f


I Just Wish For Truth!

DISAPPOINTMENT ~ noun dis·ap·point·ment \ˌdi-sə-ˈpȯint-mənt\

1:  unhappiness from the failure of something hoped for or expected to happendisappointed
2:  someone or something that fails to satisfy hopes or expectations

Life can be full of disappointment. I am going to address one thing that has become a huge disappointment for me recently. My son and his girlfriend told us a few months ago they were going to have a baby. Over these past few months we have heard so many different stories on the due date, doctor appointments, ultrasounds, and when we will know the sex of the baby. Personally, it’s not a huge deal what the sex is. My big concern is that the baby is being taken care of from the beginning.

She is due in late July – SUPPOSEDLY. I am not even sure she has had a prenatal visit yet! Of course this concerns me. But they assure me they are doing good things, eating right, taking vitamins, lots of water and so on. I truly hope so, because this son has a huge inability to even tell me the truth about little things.

I want to be excited about it…my first grandchild! I have already done a little shopping and thinking about this baby. However, I am sooooooo afraid of the disappointment that always surrounds anything with my son.

I have been told for the past month that they have an appointment for an ultrasound but every time the day comes that they are supposed to have an appointment something tends to change that. Hmmmmm the first week they had mistaken the actual date of appointment – OK that’s acceptable. The next week, it was similar, they  had to change the appointment or something like that. Now, we were supposed to know yesterday, I asked what time the appointment was and they said 1pm.

ohhhhhh getting my hopes up again! ????

Then what do you know – a text that says – the appointment today is just for blood work and stuff the actual ultrasound will be “tomorrow”


You don’t reply to my text. I know what that means!


Why have we become so gullible?


Simple Definition of gullible

  • : easily fooled or cheated; especially : quick to believe something that is not true

How many times have we seen a post saying we should share it so we will receive great fortunes or luck?


Recently someone in my friends list posted a link to Palin: “Justin Bieber Is My Hero Because He Understands That Rape Happens For A Reason” and when I suggested they check it out because it wasn’t anything she said, they told me – “well, it made me laugh”.

I always like to do a little fact checking before posting, or even re-posting anything. There are sites that you can visit and possibly debunk what is being spread.

Hoax SlayerFact CheckUrban MythsSnopes just to name a few. It’s easy enough to look it up before posting and possibly help bring an end to this incessant thread of untruth!

Another I just saw a few days ago was that Missouri: Babysitter on Crystal Meth Eats 3-Month-Old Toddler. I really had to believe this was not true….just the title alone left me questioning the validity. “3-month-old toddler”??? Yet, I was amazed how many comments there were about what a horrible thing to have happened! There were far more people believing it was true than any who said it wasn’t fact.

Of course, don’t get me going on the whole political mess. If you aren’t checking  your facts on that you are clearly not doing your duty as a citizen. It is up to us to know the facts. To learn about each candidate before making a decision. But again, it’s much easier to just believe what someone else has posted or written about what they have heard or seen and believe it to be exactly what is said.

No, it’s not only political statements –
how about those celebs?
Something said taken completely out of context?







I sure would love to see my facebook feed full of real things. Experiences my friends and family are having, good and bad. Pictures of their latest adventure. A post made to me on my page where they are just saying, thinking of you or how’s things going?

Perhaps I am the one using social media all wrong? I remember back in the old days when someone was passing around an urban legend – by actually saying it to another person – and we didn’t really have a way to check out validity like now. It just feels like back then it was something you brought up in a random conversation, ya know when you just can’t think of what else to talk about because you have been able to do a lot of talking to each other anyway.

I love having social media to connect with friends and family. I limit mine to people I actually know or are really related to. If it weren’t for social media, I am sure I wouldn’t have much of a clue of what has been going on with them. I do believe it has helped open a world that has been so distant for us.

Oh lets turn it around? Lets use social media to be social….find out what is happening with our friends, find out what they are feeling, tell them we are thinking of them or share a memory with them! BUT LET’S LEAVE THE DRAMA OUT OF IT. bwahahaha


conversations with my son…


Life gives us opportunities that are worth taking advantage of. Today my daughter-in-law asked if I wanted to go get my haircut with her. Since we have moved to this town almost a year ago we hadn’t established someone local to be “our girl”, but finally decided we needed to be sure to have that convenience instead of having to drive 2 hours to our old stylist.
While my son and I were waiting we had a wonderful opportunity to just talk. I love conversations with him because he is easy to talk with. It’s doesn’t even matter what we talk about, I am just grateful that I can sit and talk with him and we are not both glued to our devices. (in spite of what this picture might show!)

I have so many more chances to visit with him since he and Jennifer are living with us while they finish up their college degrees. I have also had the time to get to know Jennifer more and share some great topics with her on her breaks between school and work.

shelby and jenn jumping.jpg
Shelb and Jen

In most situations I would believe having adult kids living at home would be a challenge to say the least. Not with these two though. Yes, there are times I am sure we get on each others nerves…it never becomes an issue and we are surely not going to end up on the Dr. Phil show. These guys are above the norm, they both hold full~time jobs, go to school full~time, pay their own bills and debts, buy groceries, pay rent, and even cook dinner a couple times a week!

Perhaps I am bragging just a bit too much. Perhaps I don’t tell them enough how much I appreciate them. Perhaps you might get the impression I don’t have any other kids…just wait…I will bore you with some of the amazing things they are too.

So ~ if you have read all the way to this part,
here’s a little bonus for you!
They both have blogs of their own
and have some insightful things to say about gaming and “life”.
Go give ’em a follow!
Falcon Reviews – unprofessional opinions on games
Nerd Thoughts Blog
Woodelf Adventures




Red Dirt Roads


Oklahoma – what can I say. I do so love the red dirt roads.

I was able to finally get a camera that I wanted for taking quality pics. I am just a novice at this and don’t know the extent of what this camera can do and quite possibly got more camera than a person of my level should have. BUT…. I will learn. I love to go out driving around and just see what catches my eye. The red dirt roads of Oklahoma have always amazed me.

I took some shots of the wind park my husband manages. I find wind turbines to be fascinating. Not only are they our way of life – but it’s amazing the technology that is involved.

On the way back to the apartment that day I came across “lazy ass acres”, to me that was just too awesome to not capture.

I’m looking forward to spring and finding all the beauty that is found with new life and old life being revived and where that will take me in my photographic adventures.



Stay tuned…

I am sure there will be more to see!

I even manage to have my eyes closed in a virtual selfie!


SO…I got this S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera from the mission Field Photography. Naturally you have to then take a selfie… typical of me and how my selfies would turn out (which I VERY RARELY take) I have my eyes closed!

selfie cam
I now introduce Lawngnometwo – she is a character I created when part of thorgrimmare Fifth SOF guild back in the early days of Vanilla! Our guild was alliance and decided one day to each create a gnome toon, each with Lawngnome in the name, then do a naked run to Orgrimmar. We all popped on “vent” and had quite an adventure! Yes, we got ganked quite a few times – such a long trip it was. I couldn’t tell you how many deaths there were.

LG2 hung around in my list for a long time, till one day I decided I really wanted to level a mage! She is now 100, horde, miner, engineer, a bit of an achievement whore, and my favorite to play. She can be found hanging round on Runetotem. If you see her around say hello and let’s take a selfie!

I could have just told you this by going downstairs…

Here we are second blog.
I laughed last night as I was talking with Jennifer and Shelby about this whole blog thing. They were the ones who encouraged me to start one. I thought what on earth do I have to blog about?


I guess in some IMG_4858senses it’s just like my daily experience, except I am actually typing out my thoughts instead of just walking
around talking to myself or the animals.


Working around the house and doing some refreshing, stripping, painting, cleaning and so much more to make this house what it should be, I catch myself often talking out loud. Then I will say to myself, out loud, “why are you talking to yourself”. I will turn on iheart radio – trying to find the music for my mood, then just end up settling for whatever because I just can’t find the mood. Then the singing starts, terribly off tone, crackly, scare the animals voice. I am grateful that there is no one around who can tell me to stop singing because it is just great to let it out and dance around. Yep, that’s what I do when no one is around. Reminds me of the Garth Brooks song “When There’s No One Around”.